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Class of 2020


  • Jonas Brothers Concert

    The screams roll through the arena, growing louder and louder until they seem to hit an even higher decibel when the stage lights blare, and the first beats of “Rollercoaster” fill the room. The Jonas Brothers are back, and they’re putting on a show.

    Pillbox | September 9, 2019
  • Antonio Brown's wild summer

    Forget Hot Girl Summer, let’s talk about Antonio Brown’s Hot Mess Summer, which in its chaos may have just led him exactly where he wanted. After nine years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, his relationship with the team turned sour and he had a rebound summer fling with the Oakland Raiders before promptly moving on to the one and only New England Patriots.

    Sports | September 9, 2019
  • Highlights of “Breakthrough” 2019 orientation events

    Carnegie Mellon’s undergraduate orientation week begins this Sunday, Aug. 19, and will continue through Sunday, Aug. 26. The summer camp-esque orientation is a way to get to know people and surroundings before classes begin on Aug. 27.

    News | August 19, 2019
  • 5 in 5: Coffeeshops

    5 in 5 is a new series that gives food and drink recommendations for one type of place in five different neighborhoods. To welcome incoming first-years and welcome back returning students, the inaugural article of the series will tackle one of the most important studying places: the coffeeshop.

    Pillbox | August 19, 2019
  • What I wish I knew when I started at CMU

    It’s late in the evening and you collapse on your bed. It’s new, a bit stiff, and either too high or too low for you. Maybe you’re in a triple and have the unfortunate luck of being the top bunk. Maybe you have a rare single, and the room all to yourself. Your clothes have been carefully folded in the standard wood-colored drawers. Your laptop is sitting pristinely on the otherwise empty desk. You...

    Forum | August 19, 2019

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