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  • Feature Artist: Mila Jam

    Singer-songwriter Mila Jam is the pop princess who is probably missing from your summer playlist. In an interview with The Tartan, she talks about her experience as a black transgender woman in the music industry.

    Pillbox | June 4, 2020
  • CMU created Facebook page "Zoom Memes for Quaranteens" goes viral

    Social distancing has scattered college students across every corner of the Earth. Despite being physically apart from our universities, we are all united by one global platform: Zoom.

    Pillbox | June 4, 2020
  • Maddy's Monthly Meme Madness

    Welcome to Maddy's Monthly Meme Madness, where we take a look at the Top 5 most-liked memes on the Facebook group, Carnegie Mellon Memes for Spicy Teens, posted in the past month.

    Pillbox | March 2, 2020
  • DevaCurl, influencers

    DevaCurl, a brand credited for influencers’ curly locks, is the focus of a class action lawsuit after allegations that its products caused hair loss. How did a brand who received such online praise find itself the target of such controversy?

    Pillbox | March 2, 2020
  • Nth Room Case shows Korea's need to protect victims

    On March 25, 25-year-old Cho Joo-Bin nonchalantly spoke to the women he blackmailed into sexual slavery: “I apologize to those who were hurt by me… Thank you for ending the life of a demon that I couldn’t stop.”

    On the messaging app Telegram, Cho hid behind the alias “ baksa ” (“doctor”) and blackmailed dozens of ...

    Forum | March 2, 2020

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