Lauren Sauer

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  • The Maria Chronicles

    ?West Side Story lied!? ?Columbus would never have ?discovered? America without a Latina!? These statements and many others adorned the McConomy blackboard behind Wednesday night?s ?The Maria Chronicles.? Teatro Luna, a cast of six young Latin-American women, let their audience step into the life of a Latina in entertainment. From pants that will not fit, to trying to act more ?spicy,? the series ...

    Pillbox | October 11, 2004
  • Movies with Live Soundtracks

    An underground filmmaking tradition came to town when Pittsburgh Filmmakers hosted a Movies With Live Soundtracks show on September 2 at the Melwood Screening Room. The group came on its first tour since the mini film festival started in 1998.

    Pillbox | September 7, 2004