Lauren Kelly

Class of 2020


  • No good excuses for millennials not to vote

    The midterm elections are still a week away, but voting has already begun in many parts of the country with absentee ballots and early voting. The media is calling this midterm one of the most important elections in our lifetime, yet young people still cannot find the will to vote. Instead, they make excuse after excuse for their choice to abstain.

    Forum | October 29, 2018
  • Democrats share 2020 vision

    Midterms are officially less than a month away, and potential 2020 candidates are already eyeing up their chances of taking Trump. For the past year, the names of many Democrats have been thrown onto the list of 2020 hopefuls. Many of these potential Democratic candidates have remained tight-lipped about running for president because it would be a poor strategic move to jump the gun before the Mid...

    Forum | October 8, 2018
  • Female Republican politicians fail to empower other women

    It happened when Anita Hill testified in 1991. It happened when Hillary Clinton ran for president. And it will most likely happen again if Christine Blasey Ford testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. In fact, female Republican senators and politicians have already begun to demolish Christine Blasey Ford’s credibility. Why? Because women are incapable of empathizing with and sup...

    Forum | September 24, 2018
  • Anonymous op-ed sheds light on resistance

    Donald Trump was right. Wednesday evening, The New York Times released an op-ed validating Trump’s paranoia. The op-ed was anonymously written by a senior-level official in the Trump White House, confirming a strategy of containment for the man inhabiting the oval. This unidentified senior official in the T...

    Forum | September 10, 2018