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  • ̷A̷P̷ ̷ Tartan College Ball Top ̷2̷5̷ 10

    By Eshaan "AP Who?" Joshi, Kyle "Penn State or State Pen?" Hynes, and Jack "Special to the Tartan" Hall

    Kyle's Top 10

    1. Georgia (1)
    2. Ohio State (3)
    3. Washington (7)
    4. Michigan (2)
    5. Florida State (7)
    6. Oregon (10)
    7. Texas (8)
    8. Alabama (9)
    9. Penn State (5)
    10. Ole Miss (UNR)
    Sports | November 6, 2023
  • Who's going to make the playoff (and how that could get messed up)

    For the first time in recent memory, we enter the home stretch of the season with a relatively clear playoff picture. This year, there’s parity — more or less — between the conferences, and we have fantastic teams in every part of the country and every corner of the Power Five. While past years have been SEC and Big Ten heavy, this year, nary a soul would be surprised if the eventual national cham...

    Sports | November 6, 2023
  • Why Jack Hall’s rankings are a sham and prove he doesn’t watch college football

    Regular readers of this fine publication will recall that, earlier in the year, our wonderful sports editor released a set of rankings putting the Texas Longhorns at #1 after an overhyped win against Alabama. I, the wise old man of the Tartan college football enjoyers, knew he was wrong, and I put out a long article lambasting him for his atrocious takes. In it, I argued that Texas was a good team...

    Sports | November 6, 2023
  • When College Football Matters: A Curse and A Community

    As regular Tartan readers might know, I hail from the small Appalachian college town of State College, Pennsylvania and have spent my life an avid Penn State football fan. But ten years ago, Penn State football — and State College more generally — was a powder keg.

    Sports | October 30, 2023
  • House elects Johnson as new Speaker

    After dethroning four party leaders in the span of four days, House Republicans on Wednesday elected Rep. Mike Johnson, of Louisiana, to serve as Speaker of the House.

    News | October 30, 2023