Kirk Higgins

Class of 2007


  • Democrats need a DNC chair to lead the party in the right direction

    As the day of President Bush?s inauguration approaches, other Democrats and I should ask ourselves how we let this day happen. How could a President presiding over a net loss of jobs, record high debt and budget deficits, increased poverty, skyrocketing tuition hikes, and a mismanaged war under false pretenses win a second term?
    Many Democrats are uncertain what path they should take to successf...

    Forum | January 17, 2005
  • Kerry choice for technology-minded

    The one major campaign issue that is overlooked is how each candidate plans on advancing technology and making America more competitive in the world. Graduating from one of the highest ranking engineering and computer science schools in the nation entails electing a government that will promote your school and your career goals. A CMU student should consider how each candidate plans to tackle maki...

    Forum | November 1, 2004
  • Kerry offers better plan for homeland security

    We live in a time of unprecedented change in our history. What the United States needs now is a president who is willing to adapt to find solutions to new problems. The biggest problem for President George W. Bush is his reluctance to receive and respond to constructive criticism. September 11 was the biggest foreign attack on U.S. soil in recent history, but pressuring Bush to get to the bottom o...

    Forum | October 4, 2004
  • Soul of India

    Last Thursday, Alisha Bhagat, a junior materials science engineering major, hosted the screening of an hour-long PBS documentary called The Soul of India in Porter Hall 100. After the film and with the assistance of Jayeeta Sharma, a professor of history, Bhagat led an open forum discussion on the state of communal violence in India.

    Pillbox | March 29, 2004
  • Cross-campus collaboration:

    For a long time, John Kim, a senior in art, had been excited and anxious to present his collection of artwork to the college campus and the art-appreciating community. His moment to shine began at 7 pm last Friday. Kim presented several of the paintings, which span the latter three years of his college life, at The Frame, which is located at the corner of Forbes Avenue and Margaret Morrison Street...

    Pillbox | March 29, 2004