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  • Ask the Tartan: Carnival weekend

    **1. What would you make your Carnival theme? **
    Disney and Pixar Movies. —MP
    Zero-Gravity Chamber, like those vertical wind tunnels where you can skydive endlessly. —JWR
    My carnival theme would be Robot Attack 2045. —IJ
    Pornography. —JK
    ‘90s TV shows. —CW

    Pillbox | April 19, 2010
  • Spray-chalked mobots caught wandering through campus

    University Police are currently investigating an incident of robot cruelty after nine defaced mobots were found scattered around campus. University Center staff recovered the first painted mobot trying to climb the stairs in Kirr Commons and began receiving calls of similar findings from as far away as Scaife Hall. The vandals reportedly used spray chalk, a semi-permanent marking tool historically...

    Special | March 29, 2010
  • Paralympians overcome obstacles, break records

    In the fading noise from the closing ceremonies of the Olympic games, the Paralympians compete. But after two weeks of focused international attention, the media seems to move away from sports competition back to the commonplace: the economy, new technology, celebrity gossip, and ongoing war. Often the Paralympics are lost in this return to normalcy.

    Forum | March 22, 2010
  • Baker Hall A-Level Flooded over Weekend

    The A-level of Baker Hall, including the Giant Eagle Auditorium, flooded Sunday morning.

    An incident over the weekend caused flooding in most of the rooms, including a number of offices and classroom areas. Workers were drying the facility with electric blowers even as graduate students were carrying out work in their offices.

    News | November 2, 2009
  • Carnegie Mellon EHS sets mock dorm room on fire

    As part of the Emergency Awareness Day held by Carnegie Mellon Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), a mock dorm room was set on fire and extinguished by firefighters this afternoon on the Donner Ditch. Rick Caruso, fire safety manager for EHS, was on site to explain the risks of fires in dorm housing situations and precautions to take to limit fire risks.

    News | October 12, 2009

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