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  • Sci/Tech briefs

    Nostrils compete to process scents

    SciTech | August 31, 2009
  • Borrow movies with just a click of the mouse

    Considering the current state of the economy, few people are happy spending $20 on a DVD. Some students avoid this by illegally downloading movies, while others have no other option but to watch their funds dwindle with each new box-office hit. But this problem might be solved with a new website,, which provides people with free, legal movies.

    Pillbox | February 2, 2009
  • Sci/Tech briefs

    Studies link singing origins to fish

    When most people think of singing animals, they think of birds. However, recent research shows that songbirds’ singing actually originated in a fish called the lungfish. The studies also show that the development of singing in songbirds and humans progresses similarly, starting with little singing abilities until they are tutored by an adult.

    SciTech | January 19, 2009
  • How Things Work: Lie detectors

    Lie detectors have existed for centuries in one form or another. In ancient China, a suspect would chew dry rice during questioning. The rice would be examined after the questioning to determine if the suspect had lied. Because the stress caused by lying inhibits saliva production, dry rice would imply a high chance that the suspect was lying.
    Lie detectors today are much more complex than the dr...

    SciTech | November 17, 2008
  • Health Line

    Scientists make artificial heart design

    SciTech | November 3, 2008

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