Josh Smith Contributing Editor

Class of 2014


  • SNL's Seth Meyers pulls no punch lines

    Head writer of Saturday Night Live and host of SNL's “Weekend Update” Seth Meyers performed standup comedy last Friday to an excited audience at the Byham Theater. While he is most well known for his humorous commentary on politics and news, Meyers’ routine focused more on his personal experiences and on funny stories from his life. This different persona of the popular comedian made for a sur...

    Pillbox | January 23, 2012
  • Holiday season should have more presence on campus

    Christmas is my favorite holiday; I start to feel like Buddy the Elf as soon as the tryptophan from Thanksgiving wears off. Yet upon coming back to campus after break, I noticed an inherent lack of festivity. While snow can’t be summoned on a whim (yet), there are plenty of other ways to signal the coming of the holiday season. Students and the administration should do more to celebrate this festi...

    Forum | December 5, 2011
  • Transit tweets require proper implementation

    The Port Authority of Allegheny County has a Twitter account, @PGHtransit, intended to keep the patrons of Pittsburgh’s public transportation informed of news related to their commuting needs. In theory, @PGHtransit should notify tech-savvy bus riders when a bus is running late or when routes will be changed due to parades, marathons, and other city events.

    Forum | November 14, 2011
  • Segmenting movies is a cheap ploy

    Now, I know you all have Nov. 18 at the forefront of your minds: the day the general public will be bestowed with the latest theatrical segment of the Twilight saga. However, you should remember to mark Nov. 16, 2012 in your calendar as well. Why? Because this is when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 will be released, truly bringing an end to this tale of mythological romance and to H...

    Forum | November 7, 2011
  • Arctic Monkeys put on a confident show

    The Arctic Monkeys made their second appearance in Pittsburgh on Oct. 18 at Stage AE, coming off the release of their latest album, Suck It and See. When this album came out in June, it was clear that the band was departing from the experimental style of its third album, Humbug, but not exactly returning to the form of the group’s first two albums. Both the newly developed style and confidence...

    Pillbox | October 31, 2011

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