Juan Fernandez

Class of 2012


  • Paperhouse

    Things are confusingly scary. From UPS’s intimidatingly efficient human and technological infrastructure to the underlying motivations for military operations in the Middle East, things are weird. For something closer to home, let’s just think about the fact that the majority of the music that you’ve ever listened to has most likely been filtered by lossy data compression. Bizarre, right? When was...

    Pillbox | January 17, 2011
  • Paperhouse

    Disco rules hard. When I say disco, I don’t want you thinking of Donna Summer and the Village People. They’ve got no funk, no real mojo. When I say disco, I’m strictly speaking of the kind of music that will get you out of your seat.Let me start out with some background about this music. Disco’s birth was in Europe, but it found a rich environment for its own evolution in New York and Philadelphia...

    Pillbox | November 22, 2010

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