Gowri Sunder

Class of 2018


  • Mindfulness practice, yoga one clinical tool, not universal remedy

    Mental illness is a hard thing to talk about. It’s difficult because a person’s mental health is so incredibly personal and often a source of shame. What we’ve seen recently is that people are trying to be more open about having mental health conversations and discussing mental health care options. While this is really important, it’s also quite obvious that we’re far from where we need to be, and...

    Forum | February 15, 2016
  • YouTube beauty guru culture redefines beauty standards

    The culture of Youtube beauty gurus has exploded and surpasses the viewership of many forms of traditional media. These gurus are generally entrepreneurial women in their twenties trying to get in on the oversaturated beauty genre of new media. As role models in a platform that allows for greater diversity, they ideally offer the potential for expanding the concept of beauty, but also the potentia...

    Forum | January 25, 2016

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