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  • NY abortion law reignites conversation on abortion

    There are few topics as polarizing in our national conversation as abortion. While beliefs about abortion exist on a continuum, as with all other controversial issues, the extremes are what come most easily to mind: hardcore pro-lifers and hardcore pro-choicers engaged in an endless war, neither side willing to yield an inch to the other, the two trapped in a perpetual ideological deadlock.


    Forum | February 4, 2019
  • Anti-science: a global threat

    This year’s California wildfire season has been one of the most destructive ever, with nearly 1.7 million acres of land burned. To make matters worse, torrential rains are now causing flash floods that are trapping people in its homes and cars. With no natural barriers in the way, the only salvation for thos...

    Forum | December 3, 2018
  • Holiday Magic: Let it Glow!

    This year, Phipps Conservatory is pulling out all the stops for their Winter holiday installment, appropriately called “Holiday Magic: Let it Glow!” As the name suggests, the decorations focused on using lights and colors to convey a festive mood, something that is immediately clear from the way the Conservatory is illuminated at night.

    Inside, things just get better. When I visited on the las...

    Pillbox | December 3, 2018
  • Analyzing social media extremism

    “Extremism” is a word we sometimes throw around casually, using it to label any actions or beliefs that seem, well, extreme. Other popular phrases include “extremist ideology,” and “violent extremism.”

    When you hear the word “extremists” or “extremism,” what do you imagine? Probably something along the lines of ISIS or white nationalists, groups that are explicitly extremist. But these based ...

    SciTech | December 3, 2018
  • Frederick Douglass and science’s emancipatory power

    Science did not corrupt society; society corrupted science.

    This was the key takeaway from Dr. Eric Herschthal’s talk “Frederick Douglass On Science: What He Said, Why He Said It, And What He Thought It Ought To Be,” which he delivered last Tuesday in Porter Hall. Dr. Herschthal, who holds a PhD in history from Columbia University, specializes in the study of African American history and the r...

    SciTech | November 19, 2018