Emily Dobler

Class of 2013


  • Statistically Speaking

    The nationwide “Occupy” movements seemed to have died down within the past few months. However, here in Pittsburgh, the movement is flaring up again. The Occupy Pittsburgh group, which has set up camp in the park next to BNY Mellon’s downtown offices, was issued a court-ordered eviction notice to leave the premises by Monday. Here are some quick facts about the court case and the local movement’s ...

    News | February 6, 2012
  • Campus News in Brief

    Gates, Hillman buildings awarded LEED certification

    The Gates Hillman Complex was awarded gold-level LEED certification last Friday. Established by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the LEED certification awards recognize buildings that incorporate a variety of sustainable strategies under strict standards for energy use, lighting, and water and material use.

    News | December 5, 2011
  • Crime and Incident


    Nov. 17, 2011

    A female student reported to University Police officers that her Android cell phone was stolen from a shelf while she was working out in the weight room of the University Center. She did not see anyone in the area where the cell phone was being kept. The case is under investigation.


    Nov. 20, 2011

    News | December 5, 2011
  • Lecture Previews

    Catching Ghost Particles in Oil and Plastic: The NOvA Experiment

    Monday at 3 p.m.

    Allen Hall 318, University of Pittsburgh

    Luke Corwin, a post-doctorate fellow at Indiana University, will present and discuss his recent research in the field of neutrinos and particle physics, emphasizing the NOvA experiment.

    News | November 21, 2011
  • Crime and Incident

    Bicycle Theft

    Nov. 10, 2011

    Carnegie Mellon police took a report of a stolen blue, seven-speed, BMX-style bicycle that was taken between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. in front of Shirley Apartments. The bicycle had been secured to a parking meter with a cable lock. The brand and serial number of the bicycle were unknown.

    Suspicious Person

    Nov. 11, 2011

    News | November 21, 2011

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