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Class of 2013


  • Flittner survives impeachment hearing

    Jake Flittner remains student body president after Thursday evening's joint Undergraduate Student Senate and Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) meeting. The vote for impeachment did not officially occur, as GSA did not have enough members attending to meet its 3/4 quorum.

    News | March 5, 2012
  • Student Senate requests impeachment of president

    The Undergraduate Student Senate unanimously voted to hold impeachment proceedings against Student Body President Jake Flittner at its meeting Thursday night. The motion for impeachment was made by Senator Jonathan Mark, a junior drama major.

    News | February 27, 2012
  • Campus News in Brief

    Some tweets are not worth reading, researchers say

    Researchers at Carnegie Mellon, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Georgia Institute of Technology found that Twitter users say only about a third of the tweets they receive are worth reading.

    News | February 6, 2012
  • Statistically Speaking

    The nationwide “Occupy” movements seemed to have died down within the past few months. However, here in Pittsburgh, the movement is flaring up again. The Occupy Pittsburgh group, which has set up camp in the park next to BNY Mellon’s downtown offices, was issued a court-ordered eviction notice to leave the premises by Monday. Here are some quick facts about the court case and the local movement’s ...

    News | February 6, 2012
  • Author, CMU alumnus Jeffrey Zaslow dies in car crash

    Jeffrey Zaslow died on Friday at the age of 53 from injuries he suffered in a car crash in northern Michigan. Zaslow was a Wall Street Journal columnist, best-selling author of The Last Lecture, and Carnegie Mellon alumnus (HS'80). While on campus he was a member of fraternity Pi Lambda Phi and editor-in-chief of The Tartan.

    News | February 6, 2012

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