Erin M. Burns

Class of 2011


  • Fence restoration rallies students to take action

    A group of first-year art students used a hacksaw on the Fence Monday afternoon to carve away some of its layers of paint. In response, Tim Hieter, a master’s candidate in materials science and engineering, created a Facebook event — “Operation Heal the Fence” — that attracted hundreds of students to the Cut that night to reclaim and repaint the Fence.

    News | March 28, 2011
  • Local Marcellus Shale debate featured in film

    The 2010 film Gasland was screened in McConomy last Tuesday, followed by a panel discussion.

    Gasland focuses on the current debate over the Marcellus Shale, with special attention paid to the potential health risks posed by hydraulic fracturing, the process by which natural gas is removed from the ground.

    News | November 1, 2010
  • The Social Network is a box office smash

    The Social Network, hailed by a number of prominent reviewers as the movie of our generation, is often smart and consistently entertaining. However, let’s not be so quick to let it define our generation.

    Pillbox | October 11, 2010
  • Census forms to be distributed across campus

    The director of the United States Census, Robert Groves, gave a lecture at Carnegie Mellon on Thursday, March 25. The lecture took place a week and a half before the census forms were to be distributed throughout campus dorms on April 6. This continued a series of campus-wide initiatives to encourage census response, including a freshman seminar on the census taught by statistics professor Stephen...

    News | April 5, 2010
  • 1000plus day encourages student service

    1000plus, an annual Carnegie Mellon day of community service, brought together over 1000 students to spend last Saturday engaged in service activities across Pittsburgh. 1000 Plus is in its third year of operation and for the past two has partnered with Pittsburgh Cares, a local nonprofit aimed at increasing community volunteerism.
    Throughout the day, groups of students were shuttled to locations...

    News | March 29, 2010

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