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  • Transatlantic Thoughts: Club professionalism drains CMU students

    Last week’s article in this column concluded on the lack of common ground among Carnegie Mellon’s students. This week, I’ll try to explain more in-depth how this general problem plays out in the clubs and associations on campus.

    Forum | October 9, 2017
  • Transatlantic Thoughts: Homework overload creates workaholics, isn’t sustainable

    I would like to start by a disclaimer: I am enjoying my Masters program at Carnegie Mellon and am very happy to learn here with the best professors in well-taught classes. I never found a stronger enthusiasm for academic excellence than I did here, and it's the pride of Carnegie Mellon. However, I want to expose in this installment the downsides of this double-edged obsession with hard work. I cou...

    Forum | September 25, 2017
  • Grading system places burden of stress on CMU students

    When I arrived at Carnegie Mellon one year ago for my Masters, I knew that the school would be different than my French undergrad. And indeed, as I discovered its quirks and customs, I began to blend into its environment and assimilate its culture. Nevertheless, a number of things still surprise me here, and I wanted to bring into this column an outsider’s perspective that will hopefully highlight...

    Forum | September 18, 2017