Doug Fricker Senior Staff

Class of 2008


  • Let's play some baseball!

    Baseball’s back. The cracking sound of the bat hitting the ball or the smacking of the ball in the glove is like music to my ears. As we bid adieu to college basketball tonight (good riddance Joachim Noah and his over-dramatizations), baseball will take the proverbial baton and pick up where March Madness left off, minus the March and minus the madness.

    Sports | April 2, 2007
  • Sixty-one games played, three to go

    The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is becoming one of the most popular sporting events in the nation. The Super Bowl is still in first place, but it seems that March Madness has surpassed the World Series for the number-two spot. This year’s tournament has unfolded with dozens of close games, but very few upsets.

    Sports | March 26, 2007
  • Men’s basketball loses in first round of ECAC

    The Carnegie Mellon men’s basketball team ended its season last Wednesday when it lost in the first round of the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) South Region tournament 84–75 at the hands of the Lebanon Valley Flying Dutchmen.

    Sports | March 5, 2007
  • College basketball heats up for March

    With the college basketball regular season essentially wrapped up, teams are preparing for their conference tournaments with the aspirations of dancing, i.e., earning a bid to the NCAA college basketball tournament.

    Sports | March 5, 2007
  • Pittsburgh needs a new arena to keep the Penguins

    One of the hottest and most exciting teams in the entire National Hockey League calls the city of Pittsburgh its home — for the time being. The Pittsburgh Penguins have moved up into fifth place in the Eastern Conference with 22 games remaining. Sadly, the confusing future of the Penguins is up in the air. The Penguins are (gasp!) exploring the possibility of relocating to another city, while tryi...

    Sports | February 26, 2007