Cassie Scanlon

Class of 2020


  • For-profit prisons lead to injustice

    You’re exhausted. You just got done working for the day. You aren’t blessed with a desk job, your work is manual labor. The only thing that got you through today was this moment right now — waiting in line for the money you earned after a hard day. You smile as you walk up to the man, tell him your hours for the day, and watch as he drops a whopping 17 cents into the palm of your hand.

    Forum | October 3, 2016
  • Media clouds politics with analysis, skimps on reporting

    Imagine you’re at work. There has been buzz surrounding a new employee, and your coworker won’t stop pestering you on your opinion of the new employee. Wanting to stay out of the office politics, but also wanting to be left alone, you answer a simple, “As of now, I don’t like him, but we’ve only had one conversation.” Satisfied, your coworker returns to her work, and never brings up this new emplo...

    Forum | September 26, 2016