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Class of 2011


  • Tips of the trade: Slicing and seasoning

    Just like those smart students in your class who know exactly how to solve a problem after just reading the question, experienced cooks hold sharp, eight-inch chef’s knives confidently. From a distance, they can tell if the pasta is uncooked, and once an egg is cracked out of its shell, they know if that particular egg is fresh or not.

    Pillbox | November 23, 2009
  • Make stir-fry, not jack-o’-lanterns

    Halloween is all about tricks, and stir-fried pumpkin with egg is a tricky dish. Parents make this to trick their children into eating vegetables. Some mothers put this dish on the table to get their children over their fear of vegetables. But, no matter what it is used for, stir-fried pumpkin is a recipe that looks at the iconic Halloween vegetable in a non-sweet way.

    Pillbox | October 26, 2009
  • To eat or not to eat?

    At some point during high school, I swore off eating shark fin and all its manifestations. It was not solely an environmentally friendly decision — sharks are brutally killed for the primary purpose of obtaining its fin — but with the abundance of fake shark fin in the market, why be irresponsible when it comes to health?

    Pillbox | October 26, 2009
  • Bible of food world goes out of print

    On Oct. 5, Conde Nast, publisher of famous magazines like Vogue and The New Yorker, announced in its memo that the November 2009 issue of Gourmet will be the last for this 70-year-old magazine. Gourmet is a magazine about food; about how food centers our lives; how just like culture, people, and thought are the backdrop of society, they are the plate for food. This announcement will have m...

    Pillbox | October 12, 2009
  • Sugar, cream cheese, raisins create delicious dessert

    There are different types of recipes — some that train us on specific techniques, some that take us on exotic adventures, and others that inspire us to put a new spin on the recipe. For me, making this cheesecake lets me take a break from whatever is going on. The recipe requires minimal preparation with a good balance of technique, but it is not so complicated that I am overwhelmed when I am maki...

    Pillbox | October 5, 2009

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