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Class of 2020


  • Discontinuing Indians’ Chief Wahoo is only the first step

    Can you imagine cheering for a team called the “New York Jews” or the “San Francisco Chinese?” What about wearing a hat whose logo is an exaggerated stereotype: a yarmulke-wearing big-nosed man or an excessively slant-eyed man donning a conical hat?

    Sports | February 5, 2018
  • Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

    British playwright, screenwriter, and director Martin McDonagh is a master of dark comedy. His first two films, In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths, are violent crime stories sprinkled with absurd humor, witty banter, slightly over-the-top plot lines, and exaggerated characters. His plays, like The Cripple of Inishmaan and The Beauty Queen of Leenane, also fall under the banner of black comedy but...

    Pillbox | December 4, 2017
  • Blade Runner 2049

    Creating a worthy sequel to a classic is no easy task — for every The Godfather Part II there’s an Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and The Matrix: Reloaded. Nonetheless, director Denis Villeneuve overcomes this challenge with his new film Blade Runner 2049. The original Blade Runner, released in 1982 and directed by Ridley Scott, was a dark, dystopi...

    Pillbox | October 30, 2017
  • Roger Waters

    When you talk to a friend about a concert, you usually tell them something along the lines of “I saw the Arctic Monkeys last night" or "I'm seeing J. Cole next week.” However, while you may phrase it that way, most concerts are really about hearing: being blown away by a loud song, bass so low that it makes you vibrate, or singing along with tens of thousands of other fans.

    Pillbox | September 25, 2017
  • Songs of the Summer

    Every summer, a few songs come along that dominate pop culture, blaring out of cars and on beaches, with even casual listeners recognizing the biggest hits. This summer was undoubtedly won by the inescapable “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber. Other major pop stars, like Bruno Mars, DJ Khaled, Ed Sheeran, and Kendrick Lamar, also took over the radio waves across

    Pillbox | September 18, 2017

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