Caleb Miller

Class of 2020


  • Heathers: The Musical

    When I first heard that the Scotch’n’Soda production for Carnival would be Heathers: The Musical, I was wary. Having watched Heathers, the 1988 film on which it is based, I was unsure of how such a dark and racy movie would translate to musical theater without becoming corny. There was no need to worry, however. Adjustments to the plot, catchy songs, raunchy humor, and, above all else, an extr...

    Pillbox | April 24, 2017
  • Film Festival: The Age of Consequences

    A lone polar bear floating on a shrinking iceberg. Plumes of smoke billowing from a factory. Hundreds of gas guzzling SUVs inching forward in traffic. These are all images commonly associated with climate change, but for some people, these warning signs still don’t register. The Age of Consequences, directed by Jared P. Scott and just shown at the tail end of the Carnegie Mellon International Fi...

    Pillbox | April 10, 2017
  • Archer

    For most people, hearing about another person’s dreams can be boring and tedious. However, super-spy Sterling Archer, who has spent a fictional lifetime flouting every rule imaginable is, not surprisingly, an exception to this rule.

    Pillbox | April 3, 2017
  • Green Day

    For new Green Day fans, the Revolution Radio tour is an exciting experience — their energetic music and on-stage antics create a memorable experience. But, since the band has been successful for 30-plus years, many Green Day fans have already seen them play. For those concert-goers, the performance will seem like a rerun, with lead singer and guitarist Billy Joe Armstrong recycling many of the h...

    Pillbox | March 27, 2017
  • Get Out

    The scariest part of Jordan Peele’s brilliant new horror movie, Get Out, is how accurately it portrays veiled liberal racism. While there is plenty of blood, enough eerie music, and jolts to make you jump, Peele never strays from his goal to shed light on how common unintentionally racist comments and appropriation of African-American culture remains in America. Peele, who wrote and directed the...

    Pillbox | March 6, 2017