Bradford L. Yankiver

Class of 2008


  • Executive Privilege

    This is The Tartan’s first issue as a century-old newspaper. It took a big birthday cake to fit all the candles.

    The icing on our cake couldn’t have been sweeter last weekend; on Saturday we learned that The Tartan Online ( won a 2006 Associated Collegiate Press Online Pacemaker award.

    News | October 30, 2006
  • Executive Privilege

    In 1906, thousands of workers were moving earth to create the Panama Canal, the world’s first feature-length film was released, and the founding members of the nation’s first African-American fraternity were preparing to officially found Alpha Phi Alpha. Here in Pittsburgh, in October of that year, The Tartan published its first issue.

    News | October 16, 2006
  • Executive Privilege

    Twenty-two months does not seem like a long period of time to hold a single job, but in the accelerated time frame of college, it feels like a life-long career. I’ve served as publisher of The Tartan since January 1, 2005. Now, as I near the end of my time as a leader of The Tartan, I realize how much more I wish I could do for this organization and this campus.

    News | October 9, 2006
  • Executive Privilege

    This past week marked the first anniversary of my good friend Jared Branfman’s passing after his long battle against cancer. Jared was an avid cyclist, so getting on my bike to ride to class on the anniversary left me missing him. As I locked my bike in front of the UC, a Relay for Life team was raising money for cancer research.

    News | October 2, 2006
  • Executive Privilege

    This Sunday, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review carried columnist Eric Heyl’s editorial “CMU burns in satire hell once again” in response to readme’s article “Carnegie Mellon Builds New Hauschwitz Dormitory.”

    News | September 25, 2006

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