Bradford L. Yankiver

Class of 2008


  • Point/Counterpoint: Campus bike riders

    Point: Cyclists need to be more considerate

    Kelly Cahill

    Forum | February 26, 2007
  • Executive Privilege

    It has not set in for me that this is the last column I’ll write as Publisher of The Tartan. Working as head of this organization has become a central part of my life in the past two years. It’s especially strange for me to look back over these columns I’ve written. I barely remember composing the early ones.

    News | December 4, 2006
  • Executive Privilege

    At a public park in the Bronx, Toumani straddles a Djembe drum bigger than he is. His head is tilted upward, and his eyes are closed; the pose makes him look like Ray Charles as he thumps out a beat. Joei giggles as she uses chopsticks to hold the spoon with which she eats her brunch in Queens. James lies flopped on the carpet of a Brooklyn science exhibit; his palms are up and his expression is m...

    News | November 20, 2006
  • Executive Privilege

    The first-years who enrolled this fall came to Carnegie Mellon paying $44,048 in tuition, room and board, and other various fees. That’s 8 percent more than the class of 2009 paid a year earlier, and about twice what students paid in fall 2000.

    News | November 13, 2006
  • Executive Privilege

    I bumped into former student body president Tom Sabram last week. As we caught up, I mentioned that this year has felt more subdued than past years. There has not been a single widespread controversy, unlike what we have seen in years past.

    Tom jokingly reminded me there is plenty of time left.

    News | November 6, 2006

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