Alex Oh

Class of 2020


  • Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park Vigil

    A sea of people, mostly college students, engulfed the unassuming Blue Slide Park playground this past Tuesday, Sept. 11. As song after song rang through the park Mac Miller made famous, his fans celebrated the life of someone they considered an inspiration. Despite the jovial energy, the gloomy overcast weather that evening reflected the sense of loss that hung thick in the air.

    News | September 17, 2018
  • The hunt for the serial masturbators

    Driving a green car, an older car, and most recently, a blue car. The identity of Carnegie Mellon’s very own Scranton Strangler, or better yet, Mellon Masturbator, remains elusive to this day. With six distinct incidents occurring in the span of two years, these instances of indecent exposure have raised numerous concerns among the students at Carnegie Mellon University.
    With the first of this st...

    News | April 23, 2018
  • Steven Bochco left resounding impact on television

    The harsh realities associated with police work such as murder, rape, and corruption were all realistically captured in Steven Bochco’s various television dramas. Bochco’s repertoire of television programs includes NYPD Blue, L.A. Law, and most notably, Hill Street Blues which paved the way for a new and unexplored genre of television in the later twentieth century. He also fueled the succes...

    News | April 16, 2018
  • Proportion of CMU women in undergrad engineering and computer science above national average

    Carnegie Mellon University is leading the charge towards eliminating the gender gap in STEM fields with nearly 50 percent of this year’s first-year undergraduates for the School of Computer Science and College of Engineering consisting of women. While the national average of women with degrees in computer science and engineering fields has remained stagnant at around 20 percent throughout the year...

    News | September 19, 2016