Akshay Dave

Class of 2011


  • America’s nuclear policy needs new vision

    Over the years, the nuclear disarmament process has gained great momentum, with the two Cold War powers — the United States and Russia — showing strong resolve to reduce their vast nuclear stockpiles. On April 14, world leaders concluded a two-day summit on international nuclear security. While President Obama was quick to deem it a step forward, his argument is anything but convincing.

    Forum | April 26, 2010
  • AIG legally bound to honor execs’ contracts

    The recent fervor over the $165 million in bonuses paid out to executives of the American International Group (AIG) has received widespread media attention. Politicians declared the bonuses to be a disgrace, and President Obama condemned them. And then there are those people who have lost their homes or whose pensions have been wiped out: the angry taxpayers who are too frustrated to allow their ...

    Forum | March 23, 2009
  • Ethnic conflict should not be exploited for political gains

    Last month, the Russian Federation added an unexpected twist to the realm of international politics, currently inundated with news about the U.S. presidential campaign. The country attacked South Ossetia, a region of the former Soviet state of Georgia.

    Forum | September 8, 2008
  • Obama is to Hillary as young is to old

    As the critical Pennsylvania Democratic primary draws ever closer, the Obama-versus-Clinton drama is reaching its boiling point. Hordes of college students across the state and the country have pledged their support for Barack Obama, while a large majority of senior citizens have signed on to support Hillary Clinton.

    Forum | April 14, 2008
  • Other nations shouldn’t be required to legitimize U.S. fears

    George Bush is at it again.

    Under the pretense of national security, Bush is proposing new trans-Atlantic airline safety measures — and expecting foreign nations to comply.

    Forum | February 18, 2008