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    Aries (March 21 ? April 19): Your sign is supposed to be argumentative, but you may have taken it too far. When?s the last time you talked to your girlfriend? And who?s that kid you?ve seen her holding hands with?

    Taurus (April 20 ? May 20): Don?t bother doing your laundry. No machine can get that stench out.

    Comics | September 12, 2005
  • Horoscopes

    Aries (March 21 ? April 19): The next month or so is going to be full of depression for you. Good luck overcoming it.

    Taurus (April 20 ? May 20): The stars tell me that you're unhappy and you don't know why. There is nothing you can do about it until the stars move a little... to the right (which may take a month or so).

    Comics | April 25, 2005
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    Aries (March 21 ? April 19): You need a break. The combination of the stars? alignment in your sign and the moon staying in your house will bring big trouble for your stress levels in early to mid-May. Mark my words.

    Comics | April 4, 2005