Aaron Gross Co-Layout Manager

Class of 2011


  • Leadership Perspectives

    Quick — what’s happening on campus this Friday night?

    It seems like a simple question — one that you should be able to easily answer in this age of constant connections and information by simply pulling out your laptop or smartphone. Our campus is exploding with new and innovative events: From performances to cultural events to service to gaming, most weekends have something for everyone.

    Forum | October 4, 2010
  • Leadership Perspectives

    We hear it over and over — Carnegie Mellon is a university committed to interdisciplinary thinking, embracing diversity, and molding its students into architects of change. The news releases coming out of our research centers are extraordinary and deserve the praise and attention of our university community. But beyond the classroom, a broad array of students embrace these ideas in a different way...

    Forum | August 30, 2010
  • Leadership Perspectives

    A common and consistent theme in student government campaigns at Carnegie Mellon is a promise of increased visibility or transparency — the notion that student government needs to communicate better with the people it represents and be clearer about its aims. Student government is notoriously bad at this very basic task, a point that has been made plain to me during my interactions with students w...

    Forum | February 8, 2010