Alex Meseguer Layout Manager

Class of 2005


  • Kerry draws aces in high-stakes foreign policy debate

    There was something subtly different about this election year?s Presidential debate. It wasn?t just that the American public finally got to see the two candidates sans 30-second ads, 527 organizations, and spin (well, mostly).
    As in the 2000 debates, the networks were at it again, throwing up camera shots of the two candidates. Viewers were able to see Bush?s frowning and fluster...

    Forum | October 4, 2004
  • Hour without power stalls main campus

    Last Thursday, the Carnegie Mellon community, parts of Oakland and Squirrel Hill were deprived of electricity for about 76 minutes from 4:04 pm until about 5:20. Shortly after the power outage, a crowd of students and faculty could be seen evacuating academic buildings including Porter and Baker Halls, the University Center, Doherty Hall, and Wean Hall. According to police officers patrolling the ...

    News | September 7, 2004
  • Doom 3: zombies, hell knights, and imps, oh my!

    You can barely see. The throbbing background noise fills your head. Suddenly, a screeching, ripping noise snaps you to a state of hyper-alertness and instant action. No, it isn?t the latest edition of Silent Hill or Resident Evil, but one of the most salivated-over games of the year: Doom 3.

    SciTech | September 7, 2004
  • Outsourcing: benefits outweigh losses

    Considering the frequency and the manner in which it?s been used, you?d think that it?s the country?s latest dirty word, worthy of addition to the famed list previously championed by George Carlin. ?Outsourcing? is on the forefront of the minds of American businessmen and workers, and with good reason, as it directly affects the way we do business. People hate change, especially when it seems like...

    Forum | March 22, 2004

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