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Class of 2005


  • Gladiator research raises awareness of ethical issues

    ?We turn dollars into knowledge,? said Matthew Mason, director of Carnegie Mellon University?s Robotics Institute. ?I look at [each potential project] as how it advances our goals in robotics.?
    In February, the Institute accepted a contract to develop Gladiator, a robotic remote-control ground vehicle which has the potential to save the lives of soldiers dealing with deadly situations. According ...

    News | March 28, 2005
  • Sony president,CMU alumnus unveil QRIO

    Two and a half feet of electronics do not usually capture the attention of toddlers and parents alike. Last Friday, however, QRIO, Sony?s two-year-old humanoid robot, did just that.
    Sony came to Carnegie Mellon last week, offering two demonstrations of QRIO to standing-room-only crowds in Rangos Ballroom. A pair of QRIOs drew upon a repertoire of boy-band moves and pelvic thrusts to perform a ser...

    News | January 31, 2005
  • Despite CBS firings, Rather unscathed

    You may remember a little hoopla last year regarding the accuracy of a certain 60 Minutes report ?exposing? the cover up about President Bush?s service time in the Texas Air National Guard. Seriously though, the already battered journalistic tradition received a mixed blessing last Monday when CBS made the long-awaited results of its independent commission investigation public, igniting uproar in ...

    Forum | January 17, 2005
  • cmuTV

    A nine hundred-dollar chunk of campus residents? dorm activity fees has been in limbo for the past month as cmuTV has attempted to obtain funding to expand its programming. The organization has received funding from two sources: Student Senate and the executive branch of student government. cmuTV is now trying to get funds from the Student Dormitory Council (SDC), which has narrowly voted down a v...

    News | November 15, 2004
  • Founder

    Black tie events and robotics are not usually associated, but for its 25th anniversary, Carnegie Mellon?s Robotics Institute recounted its birth in a panel discussion last week.
    The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon is responsible for such projects as Dante, a six-legged volcano-explorer; the development of teams of soccer-playing robot dogs; and, more recently, Red Team Racing?s attempt to w...

    SciTech | October 18, 2004

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