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Class of 2006


  • Big Al's Metal Shop

    On the second full day of spring, under blue skies and surrounded by singing birds, I have come to realize that I love my job. For, you see, today is the day that I get to interview one of my heroes, Max Cavalera of Sepultura. A decade ago, after Brazil had won its first World Cup of our generation, an album by the name of Roots came out. With this disc, any teenage Brasileiro could finally begin ...

    Pillbox | April 4, 2005
  • Amorphis devastates the South Side


    Pillbox | March 28, 2005
  • The South Side became a temporary haven for Euro-metal heads last week as Amorphis descended upon the Rex Theatre on Carson Street. In recent months, Pittsburgh has suffered from a loss of premier locations to hold shows, as well as a lack of premier shows. So, kudos to the Rex for bringing the boys from Finland to town and reviving the Pittsburgh heavy metal scene.

    Pillbox | March 28, 2005
  • Big Al's Metal Shop

    Two of metal?s biggest personalities have released new work recently. Megadeth released The System Has Failed from Sanctuary Records, and Machine Head released Through the Ashes of Empires from Roadrunner Records. Both are comeback albums of sort: efforts to recapture past glory and somehow bury their less-than-stellar recent catalogue. Both are California thrash titans, and both made ill-fated mo...

    Pillbox | November 1, 2004
  • Big Al

    Although no one could truly replace Ozzy, Black Sabbath attempted to do just that with Ronnie James Dio in the early ?80s. And it was the wrong idea. Like trying to replace David Lee Roth in Van Halen, it just ain?t the same without that ?voice?? the one that defines the band?s sound, whose personality overshadows the rest of the musicians. Whenever you try to tame a band by getting a singer that ...

    Pillbox | October 18, 2004

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