Al Cohen Senior Pillbox Staff

Class of 2006


  • Big Al’s Metal Shop

    “Yesterday’s got nothing for me...”

    Pillbox | October 30, 2006
  • Big Al’s Metal Shop

    For many of us, creativity is something mysterious, present only in short bursts. Sometimes, after staring at a problem for hours, the solution magically appears, dancing before our eyes. Certainly that has been the case in my other line of work. With time, these bursts become prolonged and more common. Then, the real discoveries begin. The expert within is unleashed, and you become a master. Usua...

    Pillbox | October 16, 2006
  • Big Al’s Metal Shop

    A while back, I had a chance to review the latest Machine Head disc. What struck me then and now about the album was its timeless value as a “headphones” record. You know, the kind of epic that took you to another place after a hard day, an argument with your folks/old lady/old man/landlord. Slipping on a pair of headphones took you to a faraway place — like Zeppelin’s II or Rush’s 2112 a gene...

    Pillbox | September 18, 2006
  • Big Al’s Metal Shop

    “It is a good time to be an American Metal fan.”

    Pillbox | September 11, 2006
  • Big Al’s Metal Shop

    Dear Readers,

    Pillbox | May 1, 2006

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