Amanda Flynn Staffwriter

Class of 2008


  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang preview

    ?This is every shade of wrong,? Harry Locke exclaims as he finds himself getting deeper and deeper into a series of loosely connected murders in Los Angeles. Locke is played by Robert Downey, Jr., who gives a stellar performance in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang as the New York City thug who avoids prosecution by pretending to be an actor in the oh-so-shallow Los Angeles film community. The film follows Lock...

    Pillbox | November 14, 2005
  • Craig's brilliant creation

    Craig Newmark is a single 53-year-old computer nerd who just might help you find your next apartment, boyfriend, or car. What began in 1995 as an e-mail list for San Franciscans in search of love, a job, or a house has expanded to a multi-million dollar enterprise that reaches from the Bay Area all the way to Bangkok. The perfect site for college students, Craigslist ( is a blen...

    Pillbox | October 10, 2005
  • Campus Cooks

    Meal blocks all used up? No DineX left? No problem. To avoid the ugly sight of students eating ketchup packets and two week old leftovers, this occassional column will give a recipe for a great meal for less than $10 and in less than 20 minutes. No stolen ketchup necessary.

    On this week's menu: "Saddlebags."

    Pillbox | September 12, 2005
  • Move away or stay? Reasons to live on campus

    Where you live is just as important as the classes you take. While our classes help us discover what we want to do with our life, our room choices help us discover the type of people we are compatible to live with. Living on campus gets a bad rap sometimes, and undoubtedly there are certain disadvantages to dorm life. However, living on campus is an essential part of the college experience and one...

    Pillbox | April 4, 2005
  • Summit program offers students eclectic classes

    From January 6 to 8, Carnegie Mellon University faculty, staff, and students will have the opportunity to take classes not typically offered at Carnegie Mellon. This opportunity is presented by a new student program called Summit.
    Roger Ma, a fifth year senior in the Business Administration and Economics program, started Summit as part of his Fifth-Year Scholar project. According to the Summit w...

    News | November 15, 2004