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  • Twilight series ends with Breaking Dawn

    There comes a time when all good things must end. The trick with ending something, though, is to do it well and to leave the audience with fond memories. At the end of Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer’s final Twilight series book, readers will rejoice. This isn’t due to any particular merit of Breaking Dawn, but rather because they won’t have to slog through any more of it.

    Pillbox | October 6, 2008
  • Creativity in the chords

    Ever heard of the lovelorn pop/rock/folk genre? What about splitting an album in half and having complementary themes for each part? Rock bands 1997 and Thrice both approach their music in such different ways that it sounds strange to classify them in the same broad genre. Still, their creativity pays off big as they produce distinctive albums that set them apart from the crowd.

    Pillbox | October 6, 2008
  • Variations on a (rock and roll) theme

    Hungry for something new to jam out to as you breeze through campus? Look no further. Both The Coast’s and The Interiors’ new albums are winners in their respective genres of alt-rock and indie.

    Pillbox | September 29, 2008
  • Psychic fair held in Oakland

    The lights flicker above the crowd, but no one can really be sure if it’s an electrical fluke or just the spirits being restless. Participants mutter to themselves. Some have first-time jitters while others are seasoned veterans, comparing the accuracy of previous readings and wondering what this one will reveal. Suddenly, a hush falls over the gathering as the medium takes his place at the head o...

    Pillbox | September 22, 2008