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  • Vick’s sports future should be determined by his past actions

    Though newspapers and editorials have feasted upon the sad story of Michael Vick, his animal abuse, and whether his apology is genuine, it seems as though those authors clamoring for the public to accept his apology and let the guy play his season out seem to be overlooking a few key points.

    Forum | August 24, 2009
  • Half-Blood Prince is pure magic

    While the Harry Potter series of novels is complete, fans of this magical adventure now eagerly await the movies, both excited
    and a little worried about what the ever-changing group of directors will do to their beloved canon. Casual moviegoers also flock to them, knowing that the special effects and story promise a good thrill, not to mention the enchanting actors, new spells, and twisty plot t...

    Pillbox | August 15, 2009
  • Campus traditions: strange but cool

    Carnegie Mellon — like any other university — has its own share of obscure traditions. Be it wearing kilts and playing bagpipes or squeezing into those tiny cars called buggies or wedging bottle caps into the walls of Wean Hall, not every tradition has a history that is easy to understand — but that doesn’t mean that, as a fi rst-year, you shouldn’t try to fi nd out more. So, here’s the fi rst ste...

    Pillbox | August 15, 2009
  • For some at elite colleges, steep tuition worth the price

    While financial aid might be harder to come by and scholarships scarce these days, one study shows that going to a school with a high cost of tuition might pay off. An article recently published in The New York Times — “Do Elite Colleges Produce the Best-Paid Graduates?” — ranked Carnegie Mellon as one of the schools whose graduates received the highest starting pays in the nation. Granted, the ...

    Forum | August 15, 2009
  • Revolutionary sparks ignite pages

    Imagine living in a world defined by politics, where everything you eat, every event you go to, and even your parents’ jobs revolve around the current political state of the world.

    Pretty insane, right?

    Pillbox | April 27, 2009