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  • 'Leo' Review

    Over Thanksgiving break, I was bombarded with ads for this very random-seeming new movie written by and starring Adam Sandler. It’s an animated kids movie called "Leo" where Adam Sandler plays a talking class lizard, Leo. Whatever they did with those ads, it worked on me, because mere hours later I was recommending to my mom that we watch "Leo" while we digested Thanksgiving dinner.

    Pillbox | December 11, 2023
  • 'Never Look Back (PJ)': a look into the musical career of Carnegie Mellon alumna deegie

    The interview quotations in this article have been edited for clarity.

    If you’ve worried recently about choosing a career path that will lock you into a lifetime of misery with no reprieve, look no further than inspirational Carnegie Mellon alumni to remind you that you can always chase your dreams no matter where you are in life.

    Pillbox | December 4, 2023
  • 'Rockstar': a rave review

    When I first heard Dolly Parton’s new album “Rockstar,” I was blown away. She released 30 whole tracks — covers of famous rock songs, some of which include features by their original artists. The album includes legends like Joan Jett, Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks, Elton John, and more, all singing along with Parton on this more-than-two-hour adventure.

    Pillbox | December 4, 2023
  • Anna's Review of 'Carrie'

    As a perpetual optimist and someone who has either been in or seen nearly every Scotch’n’Soda production in the last two-and-a-half years, I feel very qualified in saying that “Carrie,” Scotch’s October musical, was the best production I’ve seen from Scotch (with “Clue” coming in as a close second). Never in my life have I had chills for such an extended period of time as I did between the first a...

    Pillbox | November 6, 2023
  • Sound baths: woo woo magic or the real deal?

    If you hear the phrase “sound bath” without knowing what one is, you might picture something involving water or floating. You might think people are using sounds to evoke some kind of reaction. You would be partially right, though in reality, the experience of a sound bath is completely dry. A sound bath is a type of meditative practice in which a trained performer (or performers) plays a series o...

    SciTech | November 6, 2023

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