Adam Atkinson

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  • Out in Left Field

    Surely after such a disastrous Presidency, marked by an unpopular war, a sluggish economy, and intense disregard for every minority imaginable, we could win. Surely after we won all three debates, we could win. Surely, after the young people of America suddenly became engaged in the national dialogue, we could win. But we didn?t.
    Now, there are some important questions to tackle. What are our val...

    Forum | November 8, 2004
  • Vote Specter, Save Hoeffel to take on Santorum

    Perhaps disagreeing with your parents is what adulthood is all about, but for the first time, this November 2, I?ll be canceling out my father?s vote for a major elective office. Like me, he?s a tried and true Democrat, raised in an old mill town by very blue-collar, very poor parents. In fact, I grew up in the same house my father did, which is now home to his foul-mouthed rants while watching th...

    Forum | November 1, 2004
  • When Gays Go Greek (And Greeks Go Gay)

    My dates to fraternity events are almost always girls — not that I find them disappointing. If you know Kristina Wiltsee, you know that any man, straight or gay, would be honored to have her as a date. And it’s not that I’m afraid my brothers will disapprove, snicker, or just plain avoid me. When I was still with my boyfriend, I brought him over regularly, even danced with him a...

    Forum | September 13, 2004