Top 5 pickup artist tactics to employ on campus

  1. Daygame in Sorrells Library
    Often, women will make known their availability by wearing large headphones and not looking at you. This is called "playing hard to get," and the only appropriate response is to play hard. You must cold approach these women by asking them their name, followed by a comment about what they're studying. Even better if you can do this to someone at a table facing a wall — these people are sure to be most receptive to your advances.

  2. Give an unusual name at La Prima
    This highly advanced tactic is woefully underutilized in the pickup artist community, but it is well-documented that if you give an unusual name at a coffee shop, it will intrigue nearby women. Names I often use include Magistrate, Nomad, Harbinger, and Corporal.

  3. "Where's my hug?"
    This is a certified rizz classic, and can be employed with a female prospect of any level of closeness. Not only does it break the contact barrier and establish physical intimacy, but it can be employed with increasing frequency for the purposes of kino escalation. The beta might say, "Can I get a hug?" The elite pickup artist, however, will use this exact phrasing to frame the hug as something expected, not a mere request.

  4. Discuss the blockchain
    It is widely known that women can't resist the shrewd entrepreneurial mindset of crypto enthusiasts. Coupled with the financial status of such ruthless businessmen, it is no wonder that bitcoin boys get the ladies. Find a willing wingman, and have a loud conversation in a high-traffic area about your recent breakthroughs in decentralized trading algorithms. The entrance of Gates is particularly good for this.

  5. Read The Tartan
    Reading the news section signals to women that you are well-read and informed on the events of your university, and reading Pillbox signals that you are cultured and have a sophisticated sense of humor. I have tried this first-hand, and can assure you that reading the newspaper in public consistently garners attention from 8.5s and above.