Senate Candidate Profile: Ryan Lin

College: CIT

Why are you running for Undergraduate Student Senate?
I want to continue implementing and advocating some of the initiatives I started in my last term as Senator. There are still ideas that we want to conduct research for, as well as ideas that might seem like pipe dreams (esports lab) that I want to push.

To you, what is the purpose of the Undergraduate Student Senate?
The Undergrad Senate provides a voice for the undergraduate student population, especially with the recent dissolving of the student body president and related positions. The Senate also has to be on the lookout for issues affecting the community and try to resolve them.

Why do you consider yourself qualified to serve on the Undergraduate Student Senate?
I have served in Senate before, and through my committee, have been able to bring up ideas that we are trying to implement or do more research with currently.
For example, after noticing students pirating NYT Games, I brought up expanding the school's basic NYT subscription. I was a huge advocate for it and also took part in creating surveys to gauge student interest. I am glad to say Senate recently passed this resolution and everyone gets to have fun!

I am currently pushing for a CMU shuttle bus route that goes down Morewood, because the existing shuttles do not cover the entire road and the Pittsburgh bus system tragically misses this important stretch of road for us students. A line down Morewood would also connected major east-west bus lines. There are many more ideas coming.