Senate Candidate Profile: Lucia Fang

College: Dietrich

Why are you running for Undergraduate Student Senate?
As an international student, I want to represent and speak for my fellow foreign students' interests and concerns. I'm also enthusiastic about the CMU community's ongoing expansion and progress. Participating on the Undergraduate Student Senate would allow me to apply my abilities and ideas to positively improve our university.

To you, what is the purpose of the Undergraduate Student Senate?
I believe that the Undergraduate Student Senate's mission is to reflect undergraduate students' interests and concerns while also working to improve their overall experience at the school. Advocating for student needs and concerns, establishing a sense of community and inclusiveness, and pushing programs that improve student life on campus are all part of the job, allowing students to influence and contribute to the campus community in meaningful ways.

Why do you consider yourself qualified to serve on the Undergraduate Student Senate?
I believe that my experience as the current Student Body Vice President for Organizations and Information System ambassadors has provided me valuable skills in leadership, organization, and communication. Furthermore, I participated JROTC in high school and graduated as a 2LT, which has helped me develop strong communication skills. Last but not least, I am trilingual in Spanish, Mandarin, and English. I believe that being able to communicate effectively with other members of the Senate and with the wider student body is critical to ensuring that the needs of students are being heard and addressed, and my experiences have made me qualified for this job.