Senate Candidate Profile: Steven Aceti

College: Dietrich

Why are you running for Undergraduate Student Senate?
I wish to represent the unique interests and experiences of Dietrich undergrads, as well as to give a voice to the Latine student and disabled student communities I am a part of. I am currently completing this work with the Senate Advocacy Committee, and I hope to be able to continue to do so next year.

To you, what is the purpose of the Undergraduate Student Senate?
The purpose of the Undergraduate Student Senate is to represent the needs and interests of the undergrad student body, and work to make sure those running CMU are aware of the student's needs, and hold them accountable to address them. Ultimately, the goal of the Student Senate is to foster an inclusive, supportive environment for all students, and work to overcome roadblocks towards this goal, whether they be financial, academic, or personal.

Why do you consider yourself qualified to serve on the Undergraduate Student Senate?
I have friends from every branch of Dietrich, from fellow IRP majors, to neuroscience, IS, stats, global studies, or linguistics. I know the unique issues that students face in my own department, and I have means of learning what other Dietrich majors would like to see from their school in order to succeed and make the most of their time at CMU. Furthermore, I am an incumbent senator, so I know how the process of drafting and voting on legislation for different goals and initiatives works, and I would be able to translate any idea to improve campus life or operations into a bill to be voted on.

Anything else your would like to say/potential voters to know about you?
I wish to represent the interests of all Dietrich students, as well as anyone who needs my help with an issue. If you have something you would like me to bring before the Senate or the Advocacy Committee, feel free to message my AndrewID.