Flycatcher’s new EP ‘Stunt’ captures everything a lister could ask for

While Flycatcher has made two albums (“Other Things” and “Songs for Strangers”), “Stunt” is their first EP and the first project they’ve released since I’ve started listening to them. Though I only discovered them last year, “Games” already has a place in my top 50 listened to songs of all-time on Spotify. Flycatcher will be playing later this month at Mr. Roboto Project on April 28, and you bet I’ll be going. Anyways, on to the review!

‘Games’ - 9.6/10

“Games” was the first Flycatcher song I heard and it caught me immediately. While it immediately landed in my liked songs, it took me a while to explore the rest of their discography. “Games” is by far Flycatcher’s most popular song, and for very good reason. To me, it’s an upbeat rock song about not knowing what to do next and reluctantly accepting that sometimes we leave people behind in life. The pacing and rhythm of the song is fantastic, and there’s something about the chorus that makes me sing along every time. I wouldn’t have any other song be first on the EP; it’s my favorite, hands down.

‘Always Selfish’ - 8.5/10

While I wouldn’t call “Always Selfish” anything special, it’s still a good song. There’s only two verses and the chorus, and while that’s not much, I still like the entire song. It feels more like an instrumental feature, but it does a good job at delivering a good listening experience, so I can’t really complain.

‘Sodas in the Freezer’ - 8.9/10

“Sodas in the Freezer” gets away from the faster pace of “Games” with a slower rock feel, but it still manages to deliver a great song. It’s a song about doing stupid stuff somewhat deliberately and being too lazy to do anything about it, like putting a soda in the freezer to get it cold and forgetting about it. I think it’s something a lot of people can relate to, or at least I can. I really like when the song gets more “taken back” during the small piano section; it’s a good complement to the weight of the chorus. Big fan!

‘Rust’ - 8.6/10

“Rust” is more of a return to the driven rock feel of “Games” and “Always Selfish,” and I’m a fan. The opening leaves the listener anticipating the start of the vocals, and I really like the low vocals. Similarly to “Always Selfish,” there’s not terribly much going on lyrically, but all of the instrumentals in this song are really solid — it’s definitely nothing to sleep on.

‘Quitter’ - 8.7/10

“Quitter” is actually the only new song from Flycatcher on this EP; the rest had been released as singles before its release. As such, it’s the one I’ve listened to the least, but I like it just as much as the other songs. “Quitter” experiments a bit more with changing moods than the others, and I think it does a pretty good job. The song is solid both lyrically and instrumentally, and it’s a great closer to the EP.