'Eat Your Young'

This review was written by two people. Amanda’s voice is in bold, Haley’s voice is in italics.

Last Friday, Hozier released a new EP, “Eat Your Young,” and people have not been OK since. Fans were originally told in 2021 that a full album would be coming in 2022 (spoiler alert, it never came). But about a month ago he announced that instead, he would be releasing an EP on March 17, which is both St. Patrick’s Day and his birthday. This EP only has three songs, but two of them are from the album that is still being promised to us and all of them are making people go feral online. When tickets for his concert were released one week after the EP, they sold out in under three hours.

People have been losing their minds waiting for this man to drop new music, and were absolutely not disappointed when they finally got it. Hozier has said that he’ll continue to drop songs over the course of the next few months, but I kind of have trust issues at this point. I’ll believe it when I see it. In any case, here’s a comprehensive review of the three songs that we do have for now.

"Eat Your Young"
Ah, yes. The titular track of the EP. This track represents Gluttony, and God does it show. Filled with imagery of finery and decadence, it’s entirely fitting to describe this song as rich and filling. The most prominent instrumentals are the heavy bassline and drums, with just a taste of strings in the back. I think this is one of those songs that would feel so good to listen to when you’re just in a funk and wanting to stew. It would also fit really well on one of those TikTok villain playlists, now that I think about it. It’s like… heady. I’d definitely recommend. 8.7/10

The first time I heard this song was on an Instagram edit, when just a little piece of it was released and oh lord, was I sooo excited for the whole song. It just scratches that part of my brain and gives such main character energy. It’s a lot heavier than most of his other songs, and really sets the tone for both the EP and the album to come with their themes of the nine circles of Hell. Overall, a great song to just pretend you’re a part of and sing in your room. 9.6/10

"All Things End"
I reeealllly like this song. It’s soooooo 90s RnB, I really love it. Complete with choir style backing vocals and a chant breakdown with clapping, this song feels like it should have a music video shot on a roof with the camera flying around “Kiss from a Rose” style. This song relates to heresy but like… not in a sinful way. In a sweet and uplifting way. Even though everything eventually ends, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it!! It’s really sweet and soulful, I’m a huge fan. 9.8/10

I’m going to be completely honest, this song was my least favorite when I listened to the EP for the first time. I thought it just felt lacking and boring, but after listening to it a few more times it really grew on me. I think the issue was that I always listened to the album in order, and coming after “Eat Your Young,” which was so heavy, this one felt really light. But the chorus has a really good gospel feel. When listening to the lyrics, the lightness feels very fitting given that he’s singing about how everything eventually comes to an end and we start over, which is a very freeing thought. I give it a 7.9/10.

"Through Me (The Flood)"
This song is the only one of the three that won’t be on the full album when it’s eventually released, but that did not stop Andy from carrying on with his gospel feel. This one is fun because it’s a little funk-coded (I’m looking at you, bassline), but still very distinctly Hozier vibes. I think “Through Me” is the track that feels the most familiar to Hozier’s usual style – dark and brooding and folk-alt-indie, with a distinctly reverent vibe that really sends Hozier fans into the next dimension. It’s all about falling in love with someone you know you’ll lose, and loving them anyway, knowing that heartbreak looms on the horizon. God, does this man know how to get into a guy’s chest. This song is just so. So. Ya know. It’s the one I like least out of the three, but still so so good. 7.8/10

I really liked this song because it reminded me so much of the older Hozier songs that originally made me fall in love with his music. It also has a little groovy bit in the middle that is so good. It really just makes you want to sing along. Even though all of the songs are about the same length this one just feels so much shorter to me because it’s so good it just goes by so quick once the bassline picks up. This song was a close second for me at 8.6/10.