Tartan Trivia #2


The author has watched a non-trivial amount of TV in the last week. He thinks it may be rotting his brain, but that could be the old geezer in him.

  1. It’s not Halloween, so here’s a spooky question: What’s a film considered so scary that ushers had to keep smelling salts for the poor fainting moviegoers?
  2. Who was the first ever movie character to swear on television?
  3. What did Charles Foster Kane’s last words refer to?
  4. What woman has won the most Oscars, and in which field?
  5. Name the famous villain from the first horror movie to win an Oscar.
  6. What is Carlos Estevez’s more common pseudonym?
  7. What was the fate of the famous actor starring in "Some Light it Hot?"
  8. What speed does the DeLorean from "Back to the Future" need to move at to time travel?
  9. What romantic comedy had the line “I’ll have what she’s having”?
  10. Who directed horror classic "Psycho"?

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  1. Luminous Intensity
  2. Linseed Oil
  3. The Stomach
  4. I’m the creeper
  5. Fear of public speaking
  6. A vein
  7. The Seven Sisters
  8. The Infinity Symbol
  9. African
  10. Carl Jung