21 ways to celebrate your 21st birthday at CMU

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Because yes, even Carnegie Mellon students deserve to celebrate this momentous occasion!

  1. Be serenaded by your friends at exactly midnight!
    10/10 recommend… ‘twas truly the most surprised I have ever been. Bonus points to your friends if they get you right after your nighttime shower like mine did!

  2. Take a midterm exam!
    You are still at Carnegie Mellon after all! Starting my birthday with a stats test just may be the most depressing thing I have ever experienced.

  3. Go to a concert!
    To read all about my transformative experience at the Lana Del Rey concert, visit the Oct. 9 edition of Pillbox! Lana truly does know how to make you feel “Young and Beautiful.” (I’m sorry… I had to!)

  4. Go to Pet Therapy!
    Furry friends at the West Wing Wellness Room (say that three times fast) are never a bad idea!!!

  5. Volunteer at an organization!
    I did get stung in the armpit by a bee though, which wasn’t fun… But I can now pretend I’m an MCS student, so who really won in the end hehe???

  6. Visit the Duquesne Incline with friends
    I recommend visiting at nighttime for the best view… and it’s free with your CMU ID! Don’t forget your ID and have to beg like I did…

  7. Tell everyone it’s your birthday for at least two weeks!
    Gotta receive the “happy birthday” wishes while you can! It’s your right!

  8. Celebrate a major holiday
    For those select few, like me, who were blessed with the honor of being born the same month/day as some of the best moments of the year… make it a two-for-one deal!

  9. Be serenaded by a large group of people with the wistful classic that is “Happy Birthday”
    Whether or not you initiate this is up to you. If you make it a mission to attend an on-campus event solely to have your high praises sung to you… who am I to judge?!?!? I may have (allegedly of course) done the same. head scratch

  10. Go apple picking
    Or go to a farm, a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, something that incorporates nature! Just don't go on a rainy day like I did :(

  11. Explore Pittsburgh's art scene!
    Utilize those campus perks we never have time to use and make the trek down to one of our fabulous museums. For the artistically-delayed, you could perhaps even create funny, unrelated, potentially inappropriate backstories for each painting you see… just an idea of course. I would never!

  12. Go to Kennywood!
    Take the 61C bus down to Kennywood and experience this Pittsburgh gem on your special day! Bonus points if the trip is on Carnegie Mellon’s dime and get the pleasure of witnessing multiple arguments break out on the bus ride to and from. Also, pray half of the rides aren’t closed like when I went! The horror of it all!

  13. Plan a midnight picnic with your closest friends on the Cut
    Bring a cake, your favorite snacks, beverage(s) of choice, and think about all you have persevered through to get to this milestone.

  14. Go to KBox on Craig Street and do karaoke!
    Gather some friends and engage in a friendly, but serious vocal competition. Plan accordingly as to whether or not you wanna remember your performance in the morning wink wink

  15. Wallow in your fleeting youth
    Is it REALLY your birthday if you haven’t had a good birthday cry? C’mon….

  16. Get yourself a sweet treat at Scotty’s or Millie’s
    Treat yourself to a cake from the Scotty’s freezer section or a nice scoop from Millie’s (OR BOTH…. I’m not judging) as a pat on the back for a job well done… being born of course!

  17. Go to a Pittsburgh Street Market!
    Being the overachieving Carnegie Mellon student I am, I was able to hit not one but TWO night markets, and snag some really cool merch!

  18. Have a nice birthday dinner among friends!
    An oldie but a goodie… who doesn’t love a birthday dinner?! (This could perhaps be where the pregaming for karaoke occurs...)

  19. Go to a bar for the first time!
    As you have now reached the milestone that is the ability to drink legally, celebrate by going to a bar for the FIRST TIME. A Carnegie Mellon staple like Mario's, Panther Pit, or Primanti Bros is a good start!

  20. Leave Pittsburgh!
    Yes, you heard that right! Give yourself a much-needed break from Carnegie Mellon and whisk yourself away to a fun destination. If you’re lucky like me and your birth month coincides with a school break, then it’s no-brainer! But if not, you can always do a weekend trip!

And last, but certainly not least… drumroll please

  1. CELEBRATE WITH YOUR DRINK OF CHOICE I won’t elaborate on what you should fill your cup with… but make sure it makes you feel as good as 21 years of living does :)