3/28/22 - Editor's Letter

While everyone else at the Tartan is huffing and faffing about because of the upcoming elections, us PILLBOX-chads are watching fun movies and criticizing them. Pretty fun, huh? We’ve got a bunch of great articles about movies for your guys, as well as various other oddities.
On Page 4, we have an article by PILLBOX co-editor Pria Dahiya about the currently ongoing film festival! You can check further dates for it in our events article.

On Page 8, Pria continues to dazzle with a masterful interview with the one and only Owen Bonk, a man currently exiled in Germany for non-tax related reasons. Their own personal “My Dinner with Andre” has for subject Charli XCX’s new album, Crash. Of course, truly knowledgeable popheads like me know that she is deep in her Witness era, and that she’ll keep flopping unless she releases another single with Icona Pop.

On Page 10, non PILLBOX editor Cole Schubert writes about “Boys State”, a 2020 movie about political LARP convention with a political legacy.

On Page 14 one of my top 3 favorite PILLBOX contributors contributes PILLBOX favorably to top my list. He loves movie critics, but he also hates them. And that’s what's so powerful about it. With luck they’ll read his article, and will stop being bad and become good.

On Page 17 one of my top 3 favorite PILLBOX contributors comes back with an article from the vaults. Originally written in 2022, Zivan writes a brilliant satire about those who care, those who don’t, and those who really don’t but also maybe do.

Page 18 has music.

As always, send any and all contributions for future issues our way - using our spiffy new contribution form, which can be found on the back of the magazine! XOXO

Your loving PILLBOX editors,
Zachary Gelman and Pria Dahiya