Tartan 'Terrogations: how do you feel about the Student Government Elections?

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"Well... I've seen requests on Instagram from them. Um... other than that I don't know much." - Sophia, Class of 2025

"I actually ran for Student Body President last year and I'm not super involved with like the whole process this year, I decided to like take a break from it, and I would say I know who I'm going to vote for and I kind of know about the platforms. I didn't have time to watch the debates, but I kind of have knowledge about like the platforms, so I'd say I'm pretty sure about the elections, and I think I feel good about the people I'm gonna vote for. I think they're gonna do a good job." - Ari, Class of 2024

"I don't know much. I know people are running because like I see on like Instagram and stuff. I don't know, I haven't really like read up about it. I don't know if I'm going to vote 'cause I don't know who the candidates are." - Simran, Class of 2025

"First of all, I don't really know anything about it. I wish there was a little bit more information. I didn't see anything in my email. I usually keep a pretty good eye on that. Maybe if there was an email coming through that would be really helpful." - Camden, Class of 2025

"Uh ... the only thing I know is over social media. There's this account that followed me — 'salazarsong' — and another one for VPO that I forgot, but those are the only candidates I know." - Vivian, Class of 2025