12/5/22 - Editors' Letter

Dear readers,

Here we are, our twenty-tooth and final mouthful of an Editors’ letter. From Editors’ letter to Editor’s letter and back again, there’s been some real movement behind the PILLBOX scenes, but we hope our suffering led solely to further contributions to the great Carnegie Mellon canon that we have strived to build up. It’s been an honor writing this column, and we hope that it has been a pleasure to read. And one more time, without further ado, here’s our issue, featuring contributions from our lovely writers and artists.

As the year winds to an undeniably incessant, and disgustingly foreseeable close, we at PILLBOX want to thank you from the bottom of our paper mache hearts for your unshakeable readership and loyalty. To express our gratitude, we will close this season of PILLBOX, appropriately, with a poem:

when you wake up in the black
and the sun is at your back
you walk into the UC and - alack!
a stack of PILLBOXES await you
with their art and their writing,
their opinions and their fighting
words about movies you wish you had seen.
every week we write and you read
like clockwork you concede
at least five minutes of attention to learn and grow
and hear and know
about art and things
at your wonderful university.
for this we thank you

your fleeing PILLBOX EDITORS