Softball recap

The Carnegie Mellon softball team traveled to Hiram College on Wednesday, May 5, for a doubleheader, dropping the first game by a single run before edging out the Terriers in the second.

The Tartans fell behind in game one when Hiram opened the scoring in the top of the second with their first run and were unable to capitalize on any chances in the bottom of the inning. The scoreline remained 1-0 in favor of the Terriers in the third and fourth innings until Hiram extended their lead with two more runs in the top of the fifth. In the bottom of the inning, Carnegie Mellon first-year Kiera Boucher hit an impressive triple while junior Emily Song and senior Brittany Pierce were on second and third base, respectively, allowing both runners to score. Boucher then scored following a solid hit by Megan Hu to tie the score at 3-3 after five innings.

The next two innings were runless for both teams before Hiram pulled ahead again with a run in the top of the eighth. The Tartans responded, with sophomore Piper Johnson tying the score at 4-4 following sophomore Isabel Bermudez’s hit into center field. Hiram pulled ahead again with another run in the top of the ninth, and with a runless bottom half of the inning, the Terriers edged out the Tartans in game one with a score of 5-4.

Game two began similarly to game one, with Hiram taking a 3-0 lead after a run in the first inning and two in the second. The Tartans came back in the bottom of the fourth inning, with junior Audrey Pederson giving Carnegie Mellon their first run in the second game following a hit by Song, after which junior Summer Faille extended the Tartans’ tally to two runs. Boucher then hit up the middle, allowing Song to make it back to home plate, before scoring herself after Hu singled to the left. This allowed the Tartans to take over the lead at a 4-3 margin before Hiram tied things again with a single run in the fifth inning.

The Terriers then recaptured their lead by scoring two more runs in the top of the sixth, but the Tartans rallied — Song scored after a double by Boucher, and a throwing error by the Hiram shortstop allowed Boucher and Hu to add two more runs to let Carnegie Mellon retake the lead at 7-6. The game was called at the top of the seventh due to darkness, with the Tartans still leading.