The 10 best NFL uniforms this year

Seven teams changed their uniforms prior to the start of the 2020 season. Some uniforms are great; others, not so much. With the change in uniforms comes a change in the pecking order of uniforms. Here are top 10 NFL jerseys for the 2020 season (home uniform).

10) Minnesota Vikings
Wearing their modern threads since 2013, the Minnesota Vikings uniforms are a clean, crisp and pleasant purple to look at on Sundays. I like how their modern jerseys took the simplicity of their 70s jerseys and fit it for the present day. Vikings’ fans should definitely enjoy watching their team in these uniforms and the SKOL-chanting on Sundays.

9) Green Bay Packers
Keeping the classic green and yellow scheme since 1959, the Green Bay Packers classic uniforms stand the test of time. Built for the loyal fans of this small Wisconsin town’s football team, I like how these green jerseys and yellow pants look good during a sunny September home opener and a freezing NFC Championship game at Lambeau. The Packers have found their perfect uniforms for their iconic team.

8) New Orleans Saints
Having transitioned to the all black uniforms in 2013, the New Orleans Saints have one of the most aesthetic uniforms in the league. The all-black is perfect for the high-octane offense of the Saints as it flashes across the field with receivers and running backs making dynamic plays constantly. The Superdome should continue to feature these fantastic jerseys on Sunday.

7) Las Vegas Raiders
Even after moving to the Sin City, the Las Vegas Raiders uniform is still as intimidating as it was back in Oakland. In particular, I like the black with grey numbers as it shines well under the bright lights. While the move to Vegas may be questionable, the uniforms certainly are not.

6) Indianapolis Colts
While the new uniform change was subtle, the new font on the Colts’ uniforms makes a great uniform even better. Specifically, the new font matches with the simplistic blue and white color scheme. With these modified uniforms, the Colts’ uniforms are an example of a perfect football uniform.

5) Pittsburgh Steelers
While not quite as good as the “Steel Curtain” uniforms of the 1970s, the modern Steelers’ uniforms are still sleek. The black and yellow jersey and pants combination is an instant classic for Sundays. Hopefully, this team continues to trot out this beautiful combination for years to come.

4) Los Angeles Chargers
It’s rare for a team to change good uniforms, but the Los Angeles Chargers made the bold switch in the offseason. And it paid off with a modern look that draws on the old uniforms of the 1960s. As the Chargers’ organization ushers in an era of change, the new uniforms are leading the way to make the Chargers a stronger franchise for tomorrow.

3) San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers’ red and gold combination typifies the Bay Area and the uniform is simple on the eyes like any logo of a Silicon Valley startup. With its crisp uniforms, the 49ers have paved a path to success, winning five titles. While they came up just short last year, hopefully, the 49ers can hoist the Lombardi trophy in these sleek jerseys this year.

2) Seattle Seahawks
When Nike partnered with the NFL in 2012, they wanted to inspire a new era of uniforms. Their best work has to be the Seahawks uniforms, which are futuristic and intricate but also visually pleasing on the eyes. With these uniforms, the 12th man has something more to cheer along with the great play on Sunday’s.

1) Dallas Cowboys
When the Dallas Cowboys decided to switch their home uniforms to white in 1971, they stunned the league with their rebellious move, becoming the first team to do so. Nearly 50 years later, their gamble has paid off as the blue numbers and white jerseys stand out as perfection. Whether they are playing with these jerseys at home in Jerry World or on the road, there is no stadium that can ruin the lore of this iconic jersey.