Trump's taxes are another scandal, but they won't change minds

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Similar to the leaking of President Trump’s derogatory statements and his downplaying of COVID-19, The New York Timesrelease of his tax information should serve to remind us how invincible he is to scandal among his supporters.

According to the Timesbreakdown, President Trump paid a grand total of $750 in federal income taxes in 2017. There are two ways of interpreting this figure, neither of which paint the President in a good way. However, it doesn’t matter how his contributions are looked at, since it’s unlikely that his supporters will be swayed much in either direction.

President Trump’s low 2017 tax figure points to some seriously eyebrow-raising losses. The Times reports that the President’s net income was nearly negative $13 million and that he used millions in general business credits to hop over his alternative minimum tax obligation. The President has heavily advertised himself as a successful businessman and banked on this characteristic during the 2016 primaries. Given his losses, however, it should be hard for anyone to give him any sort of credit as a businessman or as a successful leader.

Sure, the President has been losing millions in recent years, but still, $750? For a man who spends tens of thousands on his hair alone, does $750 sound right or even remotely fair? Of all of the people I’ve met who’ve paid more in a single year of taxes, none of them can afford to hire a hairstylist for the salary of an average college graduate.

For his net worth, he’s never been much of a philanthropist, which, paired with his low taxes, make his tax-funded travel and activities seem all the more outrageous. After the President’s Inauguration, The First Lady opted to remain in New York to not inconvenience Barron Trump’s education. This poor choice ended up taking a high economic toll on the Secret Service and streetside businesses near Trump Tower.

Despite any of this, The New York Times’s revelation will be sickeningly inconsequential. You might tell yourself there’s no way President Trump could possibly win with such a scandal on his hands. In reality, I told myself the same thing in 2016, after hearing him say “grab ’em by the p****.” Trump supporters already distrust The New York Times, and they have shown themselves to be unmoved by previous scandals. It’s equally unlikely that a fence-sitter will hop to Biden, given they have been undecided over the long history of Trump’s problems.

The President’s shiny, well-kept locks of hair act as a mask over his loose, greasy scalp. Similarly, his taxes should remind us that he is a deceptive failure hiding underneath gold and glamor. If you haven’t already, stop what you’re doing: register to vote.